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Frequently Asked Questions

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is our most commonly used technique for foundation application. Unlike traditional make up that is rubbed onto your skin, airbrushing sprays an incredibly fine mist so the makeup sits evenly on your skin while offering a coverage unlike ever before. Artists and clients alike love it for it’s flawless coverage and lasting effect (14-16 hours!). Airbrush makeup can offer either sheer or opaque coverage so no matter what, you always get a perfect, natural finish. Our airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic and works well for all ages-from teens and twenties to mothers and grandmothers.

Trial appointments-do we offer them?

Yes, we certainly do offer trial appointments (makeup and hair, makeup only, or hair only). Trials are a separate appointment from the event day appointment and are offered either in studio or on location (generally Mondays through Thursdays but please inquire further about your date). There are additional fees for on location trial appointments; the studio, if it is available, is at no additional charge.

Trial appointments-how do you know if you need one?

Great question! We find that some clients want to know exactly what they will look like on the day of their event. If you like knowing that ahead of time-a trial might be right for you. Some clients are just not sure which look they want to go with-the sweet and innocent bridal look or perhaps the smokey eyed look. If you are unsure about which look is right for you, a trial is a great opportunity for you to decide.  There are many reasons that clients want trial appointments but whatever your reason for a trial, we would love to help you and schedule your trial for you. Please keep in mind that we allot more time for trial appointments in order to give you a little extra time to experiment and find just the right look.

Are there change fees if you change or cancel a Glam Studio appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment because of weather, you must cancel (in writing) at least 24 hours before. Doing so will mean no change fee-we will simply reschedule for a time that works for both you and your artist. If you fail to notify us in writing at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, there will be a $25 change fee when you go to reschedule your appointment.

For the wedding day, there is a $50 fee for rescheduling the time only. For this reason, we encourage you to contact your planner and/or photographer to get the best idea of time for your wedding day so you can avoid rescheduling.  If you add on services (which, in turn, changes the time), there is no time change fee. If you need to change the date of your wedding altogether, it is subject to availability and  also a $100 change fee.

How do I schedule and confirm an appointment with Glam Studio?

Great question! All Glam Studio appointments are scheduled and confirmed once you have returned your signed contract and paid your deposit. This is always done through the office manager and generally via email. No appointment is confirmed without the payment of your non-refundable deposit. You can email us directly at or via our contact form at the top of this webpage. If you don’t hear back after 48 hours, please email directly.

How do I make payments for my Glam Studio appointments?

We prefer check or cash payments but make card payments available through PayPal. PayPal payments are quick, instantaneous, and include a 3% convenience fee. Your final payment is due two weeks prior to your event date.

Do we work with hair extensions? Where can I get them if I don't have them?

Yes, we do work with hair extensions as long as they are 100% human hair, clip-in extensions. Hair extensions are the most natural looking way to achieve volume and length that you don’t necessarily have already. Misty makes Halo Couture hair extensions available for purchase through Glam Studio (please allow 8-10 business days for delivery). Clients opt for hair extensions when they need that extra volume and/or extra length to accomplish their desired style (whether that is an up do or long and flowing). Styling hair extensions adds an additional $25 per client, per appointment.

False lashes-are they extra or included? Thoughts on lash extensions?

All makeup services include a false lash application. Opting out of the lashes does not change the cost of your service. Your artist will carry multiple lash options on her in order to provide you with the best lash for your eye shape. Clients can add a lash application a la carte for an additional $25.

We do not offer lash extensions through Glam Studio (we only offer false lashes). While we love the look of lash extensions as much as the next glamour-loving girl, we find that in terms of getting the lush and bright-eyed look, nothing beats false lashes. If you already have lash extensions in, we will not apply false lashes on top as the application is simply too much for the delicate lash extensions to take. We recommend false lashes for your event day.

Spray tans-do you recommend them and, if so, where to get them?

If you want that extra glow or perfectly even, tan skin then a spray tan is a great option for you! Glam Studio offers skilled spray tan applications at the studio and on location. We recommend scheduling your spray tan 24-48 hours prior to your event date. Please inquire about scheduling your tan and/or further prep for your Glam Studio tan.


Yes! Misty offers pageant lessons, production lessons, and daily wear lessons. Lessons range in time from 2-3 hours in length. All lessons include a face chart (so you can take it with you and use it for practicing) and 10% off of any cosmetics you purchase at your lesson that day.

Pageant lessons are intended for the client who participates in pageants and wants to perfect her stage makeup and interview makeup. This lesson will give the client in depth understanding of her face and facial structure, her colors, and why and how she applies her makeup for stage. This is especially important for the Miss USA circuit contestants as these contestants must do their own makeup at their pageants.

Production lessons are intended for the client who will be on screen and needs to present a polished and pretty face for the camera. This will allow her to understand the nuances of the camera and how to best apply their makeup in these situations. Sometimes this is for news anchors or professional cheerleaders but, regardless, it is an important asset for anyone in front of the camera!

Daily wear lessons will focus on one look-either your day time look or your night time look. It will go over techniques, brush care, the best colors for you, how to accentuate what you love about your face (and how to use your new skills with areas that you don’t love so much at the moment). This newfound knowledge helps clients cut down on time spent in their makeup chair and also gives them a newly discovered sense of confidence. Great for all ages-from preteens learning makeup ropes for the time to young professionals, to those (whatever age) that just want to freshen up their approach to their makeup routine.